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If the shake-out in other commercial sectors teaches us anything, it is that no business, including insurance, is immune from today’s rapid and relentless shifts in technology and customer expectations. In this paper, we explore the forces that are set to transform the life and pensions sector, what the new marketplace is going to look like and how your business can come out on top.

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The life and pensions sector has many reasons to be upbeat about its future. A larger and longer living global population is increasing demand for retirement products. In turn, the increasing affluence of people within the high-growth markets of South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East (SAAAME) is creating a growing need for wealth protection.
But this is also a time of massive and potentially disruptive change. As customers become accustomed to the ease, elegance and intuition of the Apple/Amazon ‘experience’, they want the same accessibility, transparency and responsiveness in their life insurance and pensions products. We’ve already seen the emergence of easy-to-access and manage products such as target date funds, which automatically adjust the asset mix to the policyholder’s selected retirement age. Advances in processing capacity, customer profiling and risk analytic are now opening the way for a new generation of ‘smart’ policies. While being as affordable and easy to understand/compare as today’s off-the-shelf products, these policies would be fully customized and able to adapt to the individual customer’s changing needs. Crucially, the technological developments that are making this new generation of policies possible are also making it easier for new entrants to break into the market at relatively little cost. Looking outside-in There is always a tendency to focus on what peers are doing and ignore developments outside the industry orbit. But to stay in the game, your business needs to be thinking and acting at the same rate as technology and customer expectations are evolving. This is especially true at a time when start-ups and new entrants are eying the potential within life and pensions. We’ve seen in other sectors how even market-leading companies can quickly slide into obsolescence once customers see that they can get what they want cheaper and easier. Examples of this rapid decline include Kodak, which, having been America’s market-leading digital camera maker as recently as 2008, is now in Chapter 11. In the intervening period, smartphones took away Kodak’s market by becoming the most popular means of digital photography. In this brief period, we’ve also seen music stores lose out to the iTunes store and film rental shops being swept aside by on-demand downloadable films. It’s therefore vital to make sure that your business is alert to emerging threats from both inside and outside the industry and that you’re ahead of the curve rather than playing catch-up.
While insurance is a highly regulated industry, this shouldn’t be an excuse for doing nothing. If regulatory constraints are standing in the way of developments that could benefit customers then it’s your job to make supervisors aware of this and work with them to bring controls up to date. Moreover, you can’t simply wait for changes in demographics and government policy to create new openings as more proactive competitors are going to get in ahead of you. You have to be nurturing the new markets, designing the smart new products and forging the partnerships needed to capitalize on these opportunities now. You will also need to think about how to create the integrity and trust within the organisation that would allow you to respond to customers’ evolving needs faster and more effectively than your competitors.

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Our latest global survey found that insurers as a whole are just behind the technology, communications and entertainment sectors in their readiness to embrace business model innovation.

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Fund Advisers QROPS

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A QROPS is a Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme. In April 2006 HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced that they were amending pension legislation to accommodate transfers out of UK pension schemes principally designed for individuals who have left, or plan to leave the UK permanently. This legislation has enabled pension schemes outside the UK to apply to HMRC for approval as a Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme, referred to as QROPS. Individuals with accrued UK pension scheme benefits can apply to have these transferred into a QROPS. To obtain HMRC approval QROPS must fulfill the following criteria:

• It must be regulated in the jurisdiction where it is established

• It must be recognized for tax purposes in the jurisdiction where it is established

• It must be registered with the HMRC This change in legislation offers considerable commercial opportunities to Banking Institutions, Independent Financial Advisers, Accounts and Tax Specialists who may have a class of clientele whose pensions are “locked” into UK pension schemes.

Why Fund Advisers QROPS :

Fund Advisers QROPS provides you with a flexible, tax efficient, elegant,retirement and succession planning vehicle

• A secure environment to consolidate and protect your assets

• Suitable for individuals who have left or are in the process of leaving the UK permanently

• The scheme can be nominated in the clients currency of choice • Income provision – both regular and /or lump sum payments are available

Key Advantages:

• The Fund Advisers QROPS can accept transfers from UK registered pension schemes and other pension schemes

• Minimum contribution/transfer £50,000

• Minimum top up £1,000

• Competitive and cost effective pricing structure – please refer to the relevant fee schedule

• The IBIS Pension Scheme offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of the range of investments allowed.

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If you are planning to move abroad for example the UAE, a QROPS scheme can offer you greater

benefits than by leaving your pension in the UK, especially after 5 years of non UK residency.


  • The pension income is more tax efficient.
  • You can take a lump sum of up to 30%.
  • There is much greater investment freedom.
  • You can take income and benefits in the currency of your choice.
  • All unused pension funds can be left to your beneficiaries.
  • No need to take an annuity or pay a UK tax charge upon death.