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This trick from Spencer Lodge Devere and Partners Group. Spencer Lodge Devere and Partners Group on how to get your stolen mobile back & catch the thief & get back your lost phone with the help of Google App. Hi, we have brought here an awesome trick which will help you to get back your lost or stolen phone. No more talk ,now straight to the point, so, if you lose your phone which is expensive I guess then you go straight here play.google.com & logging in with your Email address which you used to log in on your mobile device that you have lost. You must log in with your id & password of your mobile phone Email address,if you use any other Email then it won’t work,so be careful. Then you have to click install This App with your that email address,then it will automatically install on your stolen phone & will automatically start upi the GPS. After locating the phone address or area it will send you the details with the direction of Google Map, Bingo…Now you can catch the thief ,make him fry or get him to mugshot or put him on jail,you do whatever you want to do with him/her. Best of luck.

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Spencer Lodge on Files Sharing

Spencer Lodge member of The Spencer Lodge Devere and Partners Group bloggers sharing on file sharing sites. There are various file transfer apps for Android mobile OS, we can send a file within minutes,to use these App we need to send the App to the file recipient then we are able to send the files.

Spencer Lodge Tech Blogger

Spencer Lodge

Now I am going to share an App which doesn’t need to be sent to the recipient before.Only select the file & press long & then hit the share or send & that’s it, isn’t it fantastic ? Upon hitting send it yield to “Fast file share” then select it. This App applicable for ios & Android. Using WiFi. you can send files 20 times faster than any other file sharing Apps.

Some features of this App.

1. It can transfer files 20 times faster than Bluetooth.
2. Easy to setup
3. Very easy to send one or more files.


Download Here

Few pictures of This App

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Spencer Lodge Devere and Partners Friends on Windows Phone. Spencer Lodge a Tech Blogger

Spencer Lodge

Spencer Lodge

. Many people thinking of buying a Windows Mobile phone .You may not decide which brand or model to buy . Those who are thinking of buying a Windows phone , because they no longer have to worry about . I would say to you the 5 best Windows phones . Any one of them as you can choose your favorite .
These 5 phones are very lucrative. Windows phones in the world mobile market groups has been observed in a substantial demand . Let see which phone tops among the windows phone in terms of specs,price & user satisfaction.

1. Nokia Lumia 920:

Nokia Lumia 920 specifications:

Spencer Lodge

• Processor: Dual-core 1.5 GHz
• Operating system: windows phone 8
• Camera: 8MP
• random access memory: 1GB
• Internal memory: 32 GB
• Size: 4.5 inch display
• Dimension: 130.3 × 70.8 × 10.7 mm
• Wight: 185 g
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and USB.

2. HTC 8x

HTC 8x Specification:

Spencer Lodge


• Processor: Dual-core 1.5 GHz
• Operating system: windows phone 8
• Camera: 8MP
• random access memory: 1GB
• Internal memory: 16 GB
• Size: 4.3 inch display
• Dimension: 132.4x 66.2 x 10.1 mm
• Weight: 130 g
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and USB.

3. Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820 Specification:

Spencer Lodge

• Processor: Dual-core 1.5 GHz
• Operating system: windows phone 8
• Camera: 8MP + 1.3MP secondary camera
• random access memory: 1GB
• Internal memory: 8 GB
• External Memory: Expandable up to 64 GB
• Size: 4.3 inch display
• Dimension: 123.8 × 68.5 × 9.9 mm
• Weight: 160 g
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and USB.

4. HTC Titan

HTC Titan Specification:

Spencer Lodge

• Processor: Dual-core 1.5 GHz
• Operating system: windows phone 7
• Camera: 16MP + 1.3MP secondary camera
• random access memory: 512 MB
• Internal memory: 16 GB
• External memory: Not available
• Size: 4.7 inch display
• Dimension: 131.5 × 70.7 × 9.9 mm
• Weight: 160 g
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and USB.

5. Samsung Ativ S

Specifications with Pictures:

Spencer Lodge Spencer Lodge

• Processor: Dual-core 1.5 GHz
• Operating system: windows phone 8
• Camera: 16MP + 1.9MP secondary camera
• random access memory: 512 MB
• Internal memory: 16 GB
• External memory: up to 32 GB
• Size: 4.8 inch display
• Dimension: 137.2 × 70.5 × 8.7 mm
• Weight: 135 g
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and USB.

Spencer Lodge

Spencer Lodge Technology Bllogging. Google will allow interested people to create customized mobile phone. In this case Google’s owned company Motorola will manage the work of the organization . As a result, users can use their favorite facilitates smartphone .

Spencer Lodge

Nexus 5

Users interested in the project , there is a need to buy a phone module , such as the keyboard , battery , and other sensors , will be able to add features . Motorola has been associated with the Dutch architect Dave hyakakensa  who will create a module for this project dubbed a Phone blocks .
However, experts are still doubtful about this . How to create a smartphone choice customers will have the same problem. However, Motorola has launched a project to work on this , but it is more than a year ‘s time . The Motorola said in a blog post , we ‘ll give you the hardware and the Android platform benefits to customers seeking to customize a third-party developer ecosystem . This will ensure that the customer has a phone keys , from creating , what is the cost of creating . Users easily reach into the project developers are working to create a special Developments Motorola . After selecting a specific module, the next time the customer can add his favorite subjects smartphone . That will make the phone customized as the users wanted, like If someone is a gaming pro then he can have the gaming accessories ,powerful RAM,processor. This will effect the pricing of the smartphone & whole smartphone industry will be changed if this happens really.

Apple Product Rumors

Hi This is Spencer Lodge  going to share my thoughts on Apple products launching & Specs rumors. We know that in this coming months or in coming fall Apple is going to release it’s fifth generation  iPad 5 & may be Along with iPad Mini 2 & this is also possible that we might see a cheaper iPhone mainly for Asian countries to get the market of mobile phone. You & I all know that these are only analysis & prediction of analysts & since the previous events Apple is not confirmig anything on their upcoming products.

So, what do you think, Why all these rumors we hear Ha ?

By the way Apple may release their iPad 5 in coming month September or in October, Analysts believes.

Rumours of the iPad 5′s release date have been spectacularly wrong. At the start of the year, the rumours were that it was going to be out in March for definite. This then changed to June, with case leaks published by Tactus, showing that the iPad 5 will be announced on the 18th of June and will go on sale just nine days later on the 27th June. Again, this was clearly completely wrong.

So, when can we expect to see the iPad 5? Well, the short answer is autumn. In an investor call from Apple, an AutumnlaunchfortheiPad 5 came out as a distinct possibility. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said: “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014.”

This sentiment was backed up, but Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, in a more recent earnings call, where he said that Apple would have a “very busy fall”. He then went on to say that he would explain in more detail in October.

As for what “more detail in October” means, that’s open to interpretation. Given that Oppenheimer if CFO, we expect that means that in October’s earnings call he’ll explain more detail about recently-launched Apple products.


Obviously, there’s no information about which products we’re likely to see in autumn, but they’re bound to include the iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone Lite, iPadMini 2 and, of course, the iPad 5.

With all rumours pointing to a September launch date for the iPhone 5S, we’d say that would mean that the iPad 5 will be released towards the end of September or the start of October.


With all the rumors are hipping up but we all want that iPad 5 or iPad Mini should be of it’s best kind.

Apple iPad 5 Release Schedule

Hey, I think all of you tech loving are eagerly waiting to see Apple’s next biggest product launch, already they are successful with this product & now they are going to revise the standard and making betterment & user friendly. I think when this iPad 5 or iPad mini 2 will be released ,they will regain their crown in Technology industry.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will release the fifth generation iPad, dubbed the “iPad 5,” in September, while the launch of the second generation iPad mini could be delayed a little longer, a new report said on Monday.

The iPad 5, featuring a 9.7-inch screen with Retina Display, will have a slimmer bezel, allowing a bigger viewing area. The device’s LED tubes to backlight the Retina Display will be reduced from two to one, while the battery’s longevity will also be improved, DigiTimes reported, citing “sources from the upstream supply chain.”

“Since upstream suppliers have mostly finished preparing for the production of the new 9.7-inch iPad, there is unlikely to be any changes in terms of specifications for the device,” the report said.

Regardless of the fact that suppliers are yet to receive a solid mass production schedule from the Cupertino Calif.,-based tech giant, the sources said that the pilot production of the iPad 5 has already satisfied demand for the device’s initial launch. Therefore, the sources believe that Apple will give shipment estimates of its upcoming flagship tablet by the end of this month, or in early August.

According to the DigiTimes report, the iPad 5 will be unveiled sometime in September, but the second iteration of its smaller variant, the iPad mini 2, may be delayed as Apple is “still considering whether to adopt a Retina display for the device.”

Monday’s report was in line with another report from DigiTimes in June, which said that Apple could start production of the iPad 5 sometime between July and August, with a release date coming in the third quarter of this year, while the production of iPad mini 2 may be delayed until November.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted in April that the iPad mini 2 would be launched later than previously expected due to some complex “technical challenges” in the manufacturing process.

In addition, analysts at NPD DisplaySearch have also cast doubt on Apple’s plans for a Retina Display-featuring iPad mini for 2013. According to them, the company will release a thinner iPad mini later this year, followed by an updated version in the first quarter of 2014 with Retina Display and an improved processor.

I hope that with this product they will be able to regain their status in stock market again & get some more astonishing product for us.

Spencer Lodge

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California, USA

iPad 5 Release

Hi, This is Spencer Lodge sharing my thoughts on Apple’s upcoming iPad 5.

iPad_5_release_date I bet you are eagerly waiting to buy a new iPad 5 cause there’s a rumors & possibilities that Apple is going to use It’s new operating system ioS7 & you are going to get a much thinner iPad with lot’s of new features.

No one knows the release dates yet but as before Apple is playing behind all these & working to provide you a best experience. For a while there are no release of new products from Apple, So it is believed by all the Apple product lovers and from a market analyst that Apple is going to launch something very soon to retain their market over other tech rival companies.

iPad 5 Release rumors:

Digitimes reported on 19 November 2012 that the iPad 5 release date would be “around the middle of 2013″, while on 24 December 2012, an “inside source” talking to Japanese site Macotakara, wrongly pegged the new iPad release date as March 2013.

That incorrect March release date was repeated by Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets on 12 January 2013 and by Gene Munster of investment bank Piper Jaffray on 15 February. White was citing supposed industry insiders at the CES expo in Las Vegas, while also writing in a note to investors that Apple is moving to a bi-annual iPad refresh schedule.

Munster, as reported by AppleInsider, reckoned: “The history of time between Apple product launch events suggests that the company will introduce something new in March or April. Over the past two years, the spring event has been iPad updates.”

Also citing an April release, apparently knowledgeable sources revealed to iMore in March that the iPad 5 would be available in April. Given the date now, those sources might want to re-label themselves as “not at all knowledgeable”.

On 25 January, iLounge editor-in-chief Jeremy Horwitz, claiming to have seen the new iPad 5, wrote that the fifth-gen iPad would not go on sale until October 2013. That sounds more likely to us. Horwitz also said that the iPad mini 2 would be launched in the same month.

iPad 5 processor:

Brian White, who incorrectly pegged the iPad 5 launch as March 2013 and who reckons that there will now be a new iPad every six months, also wrote in his January 2013 note to investors that the iPad 5 would feature an improved A6X processor.

Patently Apple lent weight to the notion of Apple taking its processor manufacturing business away from its best buddy Samsung, citing a report published on 10 April 2013. According to the report: the “chasm between Samsung Electronics and Apple is expected to widen further as Apple has excluded its Korean rival from a project to develop A7 application processors due to be released in the first half of next year.”

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reckons that the Apple/Samsung partnership has some life left, though. As picked up by MacRumors on 17 April, Kuo wrote that the iPad 4 would be powered by an A7X processor and that Apple would be staying with Samsung for this chip at least.